Pioneer – My July 2010 Article

Hello fellow Jaycees!

I hope that everyone had a happy and safe Fourth of July with friends, family, and a wonderful fireworks show. I did just that and even had a couple of Jaycees with me!

Now that Independence Day is behind us we need to focus on what lies ahead for the Tennessee Jaycees.

One priority for me is the upcoming benefit on July 31st. The all day event is a collaborative effort between Kim Rearick, the Selmer Jaycee chapter, and myself. The proceeds of the benefit go towards the medical bills of 19 year old Hannah Knight, a member of the Selmer chapter. She had to have open heart surgery last month following the discovery of blood clots and a faulty Sinoatrial (or SA) node.

Another priority on my agenda is the conference in Clarksville that is coming up August 6th. I am looking forward to seeing all my fellow Jaycees once again, especially since I was unable to attend the conference at Camp Discovery. But I am also looking forward to presenting a great slide-show during the Saturday night awards ceremony and to do that, I need your help. Only a couple of chapters sent in photos for the last slide-show so I am officially sending a challenge to every chapter in Tennessee that has participated in an event in the last 3 months. I expect to see photos from Camp Discovery, Relay for Life, and various pageants from across the state. I am also hoping for pictures from the North Tennessee State Fair and maybe even a few from the National conference in New Orleans. I would love for this to be an amazing slide-show but that requires a contribution from each of you. If your event has not happened yet and you need someone to take pictures, just let me know. I am always up for a lil adventure and usually just looking for a excuse to make a road-trip.

Photos for the slideshow can be emailed to me at the address below. Images can also be sent to me through any of the social media websites. All you need to do is tag me on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or Flickr. The images need to reach me before 6 pm on Monday June 26th in order to be included in this quarters slideshow. Any photos received after that time will be included in the next quarters slideshow.

And remember everybody that these slideshows can be used as a recruiting tool and I upload them onto YouTube for that very reason. If we want to gain new members, we need to not only catch their attention but also give them a look into what makes the Jaycees such a great organization. So take plenty of photos at all your chapters’ events and lets show the world what a group of like minded individuals can do when given a opportunity.

Hope to see you in Clarksville. If you have any questions in the mean time, feel free to call or text me at the mobile number listed below.

In Jaycee Spirit,

Rita Bellinger

2010 Slide-Show Program Manager



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