Been Thinking

I don’t know where my storyis going to take me. I just know that I am ready for a change and I think it is time for me to start a new chapter in a new place. I don’t know yet where I want to move to but I have a few ideas. I have wanted a fresh start for the last few years and I have also been thinking that I have just been pretending to take chances up until now. The chances that I have taken have not really cost me anything except time. The payoffs have been nothing more than a new story to tell. I think it is past time for me to take a real chance, the kind that changes your life forever. Yes, I know this could be the biggest mistake I ever make but I have to at least try. Whether it is a hit or miss, a complete success or a total failure, this is something that I just have to do. do not know if I will ever get the happy ending I have dreamed of but it is time for me to chase my dreams because it is obvious they are not chasing me. But on this new adventure, I don’t want to loose my friends who have been my supporting characters, my alibis, and my partners in crime on the journey so far. So just because I may get a new mailing address does not mean I am leaving everyone behind.


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