Review: The Happily Ever After Box Set

While scouring the web for my next must read novel, I came across this free e-book on Smashwords:

By Deborah A. Price
Published: April 16, 2011
Words: 404362 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781458016188

Short synopsis:

The Happily Ever After series is the collection of four stories. Gracie, Annie, Sammie, and Bea all have hurdles to overcome as their lives unfold. Finding Gracie’s Rainbow, Finding Annie’s Dream, Finding Sammie’s Fantasy, and Finding Bea’s Hope are all about family, drama, and love. Join them as they cope with the curve balls that life has flung at them.

Extended description:

Finding Gracie’s Rainbow: Gracie Cameron feels the pinch of a single mother. The full-time job, cutting corners in the budget, and the nightmare that her ex-husband is putting her through. She puts her child first and her needs last. She has a family that supports her, but refuses to ask for their help. Her apartment is broken into; her daughter is kidnapped, and somebody stills her manuscript. She fights romance, but loses her heart to a friend who has always been there for her. Does she believe in the Happily Ever After that she writes about? Her family can only hope and pray.

Finding Annie’s Dream: Annie Roberts was a divorced woman. At least, that is what everybody thought. Jason had never signed the papers and was now in town wreaking havoc. Annie just wanted him to sign the papers so that she could go forward in her life. She asked Jackson and Christian for help. The RHH opens, and Annie dives into helping Gracie make it into a success. Would She wake up to realize her dream of being accepted?

Finding Sammie’s Fantasy: College student, Sammie Smith, is the victim of cruel rumors. She would not have minded if the tales that were being spread did not link her to the one guy whom she merely tolerated for Gracie. They are thrown together in dance lessons, and Gracie dares them not to get along. Would Sammie survive him stepping on her toes- both mentally and physically?

Finding Bea’s Hope: Bea grew up with Garrison, and they were friends until she felt that he was ruining her life. Suspicions that stemmed from their high school years drove her to sever any ties that she had with him. That was hard to do seeing as how Garrison was her sister’s cousin. Fate pushed them back together, but would the hope Gracie had for them surface?

The review:

The synopsis caught my attention and the extended description piqued my interest so like most people that run across a decent sounding freebie, I took a chance and purchased it. I am glad that I did. I couldn’t put the book down for more reasons than I have time to list on here so I’m just gonna tell you what I told the author:

“I know of no other way to describe this book other than as an amazing, eye-opening, life-changing, hope restoring tear-jerker of a novel. I couldn’t put it down and I don’t know how anybody could. Bravo to Deborah!”

That’s what I wrote online and that’s the thought I’m going to leave you with. I won’t pressure you to buy it or go on and on about how much I loved it. I’ll let you decide if it sounds like a book that you want to read. The balls in your court now.

Visit Deborah’s blog here.


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