On Cloud 9

As my closest friends and family knows if I am not off taking photos, or on the computer editing them, I can be found curled up in my favorite chair with a good book since literature is another one of my passions. Well, I am gonna let you in on a little known fact about me that most of them don’t even know… I have been been beta editing books for friends for the last couple years. The first story I edited was for a girl friend who writes fan fiction. She told her fan fiction writing friends who told their short story writing friends and then I was editing for a guy in Memphis who self publishes anthologies on Smashwords. Word of mouth continued to spread and my client list grew exponentially. Fast forward two years and I was asked to beta edit the second book in a new series by one of my favorite best selling authors.  Of course I said yes.

If you bought this book:

Then you saw this:

Yep that’s me! I did cartwheels around my house after I read that. If I was not already a fan of Norah’s of course I was after she gave me such a heartwarming shout out in her book. BTW: She is a fantastic person, a talented writer and I recommend her books to everyone.

Things have continued to snowball from there………

-One of my other favorite Canadian authors invited me to visit her for New Years & for a writing conference. Road trip?!

-I was invited to a very exclusive photography conference. The kind that is black tie every night & is by invitation only. The kind that only 250 people are invited to every year. Yeah, wow! Can we say speechless?!

-I appeared in my 2nd and 3rd books! One was on the title page under “edited by” & the other was in the dedication as his “speed demon of a beta reader” which just makes me laugh.

The piece de resistance:

-Tonight I signed onto a new indie publishing company Sapphire Star Publishing as a manuscript editor. Go me! I can’t wait to start but it won’t officially begin until January so I have to be patient. Most of you know that I have been writing in one form or another for many many years now, and that yes I love it, but rest assured my first love is photography and my first priority is my studio clients. This is something I can do outside of photography so don’t worry I’m not going anywhere. I am a very creative person and I will probably always dabble in different genres of art (photography, painting, music, writing, literature, etc.) but for me, that’s how I keep my creativity alive.

All in all it has been a week of highs and I’m still on cloud 9! I’m too happy to sleep!


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