Rebranding in progress :)

Sorry for going MIA yet again but it’s been a odd few days around here.

I’m doing a complete REBRAND of my PHOTOGRAPHY business including a total overhaul of my current flash website for my general family friendly photography, the addition of a 2nd boudoir and pinup only website, and possibly even the addition of a 3rd flash website just for weddings and bridal based work. The 2nd site is a definite yes but I’m undecided about needing a 3rd site even though it was recommended by a big name photog that I trust.

I also am making some LOGO changes. My current logo is just my name and it is BORING! Any of you graphic inclined peeps wanna help? I have looked at a ton of logos but am drawing a blank on what to do with my own branding.

Shoot me some logo ideas for GENERAL PHOTOGRAPHY with the business name of BELLINGER PHOTOGRAPHY and a separate logo for the BOUDOIR AND PINUP genre under the business name of BELLINGER BOUDOIR. On the off chance I do add the 3rd website go ahead and include some logo ideas for ENGAGEMENT, BRIDAL, AND WEDDINGS with the business name of BELLINGER BRIDAL.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. Anyone interested in more than just some general thought input? Maybe in a small bit of GRAPHIC DESIGN work? I really need help with the logo re-design but it is for a small studio so the pay isn’t going to be a whole lot. You can message me for details, budget etc if you are interested.



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