Review: Her Honor’s Bodyguard

I started “Her Honor’s Bodyguard” yesterday and I finished the Kindle book last night. Yep I finished it in a single day, not just because I am a fast reader but also because it was just too good to put down. I hated to see “the end” when it came.

Plot wise, good cop vs bad cop is a common theme in police dramas and most often the good guys don’t know who they can trust to watch their back. In this particular story there is more going on than just crooked cops or a hit being placed on the judge however. It’s a series of simultaneous story-lines ranging from who knows what is actually going on behind the scenes in the local gangs to who can be the first to solve the identity of the source behind the threat on Her Honor’s life to the real reason for an apparent suicide seven years earlier. The multitude of plots does not make the book hard to read or understand however because the overall storyline is very well thought out and presented.

About the two main characters: They are strong individually but even stronger when they work as a team. The reader can empathize with them emotionally because the author did such an excellent job of filling in their history as a couple in law school and their individual backstories since their breakup. After spending a day with them and their supporting cast of characters, I actually hate to say goodbye to these two. I would love to see where Vance and Noella’s lives take them from here.

Bravo Mr. Ray



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