Painful Reminders

If you can read her story and not feel for the horrors she endured during her abusive marriage, then, well, I feel for you.




He circled me several times, yelling, with his arms extended out back and to the sides before he took off for the house toward the children. I ran behind him. I was still so weak at that point. My heart felt like it was going to explode out of my chest. My head felt funny, and the trees and the ground shifted side to side, making it difficult to stay erect.  My equilibrium had never recovered completely from the incident in January.  Every time one of my feet hit the ground the pounding resonated up into my chest and then into my head.  But, I had to run.  I had to get in between him and the kids.

He beat me there and already had his finger pointed in the 11 year old’s face by the time I reached them.  He was yelling at him.  I…

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