Calling all Vegans

After reading Promoting Veganism by fellow WordPress blogger Colorful Grass Shoes I would like to share some vegan recipes on my blog in reference to November being World Vegan month.

The problem is I am not a vegan or even a vegetarian. — Sorry but I really hate the taste of most, but not all, vegetables. It’s a texture thing. I do love fruit and some vegetables, so please don’t make plans to lynch me just yet.– Since I can’t personally attest to the taste of any vegan recipes however, I’d like to have your advice and input.

I would like to post a recipe per week so I’m needing at-least four vegan recipes. If you want to guest post or just contribute a recipe or two, let me know in the comments.

I’m looking for the honest opinions on the recipes themselves and not just a step by step guide, otherwise I would just get one from a cookbook. I’ll even go a step further and try out the recipes myself. I’ll include my thoughts and opinions on each of the featured recipes from my point of view as a non-vegan.

Leave me a comment below if your game. — Rita



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