El Paso, The Unexpected ~ Texas

Marina Chetner

I didn’t pre plan for the El Paso leg of this road trip. For each of the other stops on this NYC-to-LA journey, I had at least one reference point, be it a museum I wanted to see, a restaurant I wanted to try, a landmark I had to photograph. When El Paso, I considered it  a blip on the map. Big mistake.

Yesterday, sitting in the car, mapping the route to El Paso with the GPS, I’d felt a sudden rush of guilt: Why had I been so lazy in my research, especially since we were entering the unknown?

Driving a stretch of 550 miles in eight hours, I not only ran my husband’s smartphone battery dry, but strung together a loose plan for the next day; an itinerary that ended this afternoon  unfortunately, as we’d been so pleasantly surprised by this border town.

Our intention to get an…

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