My NanNoWriMo 2

He did a great job! Love how descriptive he is.

The Matticus Kingdom

The sound of silence woke me up.  It wasn’t that all the normal sounds of the forest suddenly stopped and that change was disturbing enough to startle me awake, rather, it was the prolonged absence of the rain and wind which gradually roused me from the depths of restful sleep.  It was still dark, but nestled away in my tent I couldn’t tell if that was from cloud cover or because the sun had not yet begun its slow journey out of the eastern horizon.  It didn’t matter though.  The rain had stopped and that was enough to be happy about.  The wind having stopped as well was something that I would have normally rejoiced in equally, but since the rain had been nemesis for such a long time it got top billing.

I yawned, pointed my toes down to stretch my legs, interlocked my fingers and turned my palms…

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