Sedona, the Beautiful ~ AZ, USA

Arizona is still on my to do list (haven’t gotten a chance to go yet) and man are your pics making it hard to stay away!

Marina Chetner

Vortex: a funnel shape created by a whirling fluid or by motion of spiraling energy; anything that flows such as wind, water, or electricity. Think: whirlwind, tornado, water going down the drain.

The first time I saw Sedona was through a car window. Four years ago, we’d headed to Los Angeles via the Grand Canyon. Driving for miles past nothing but flat land and cacti, we found ourselves suddenly engulfed in a valley awash in red. At every turn, we were faced with grand rock formations, eroded into abstract shapes, and layered with colours that ranged from yellow, to sand, to burnt sienna. This was Sedona. As we hadn’t planned a stop at the time, I vowed to return. And so we did.

Sedona is a town set at an elevation of 4,500 feet, with a population of 15,000, and is a tourism destination catering to millions of visitors annually…

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