Take Two; New Adventures in Indonesia

Loved the line “Returning to a place that is neither home nor heart” and I know that exact feeling. You described it better than I did at the time.

Welly Zoe

For the second time in a little over four months I am sitting at my family’s kitchen table, drinking a personally made latte and writing this blog in my pajamas.

Yes, I am back in Jakarta.

Except, this time it is a different type of homecoming. Returning to a place that is neither home nor heart, I am surrounded by the people I love (and the cats I adore). It is an odd sensation, being so close to something so familiar, and yet, at the same time being in a place that is anything from habitual.

This, I believe, is a regular feeling for those of us how have ‘come of age’ in this globalized and interconnected world. Especially people that spent their youth abroad. Unlike most people, who tie who they are loosely to their homes, we tie our lives to other less tangible things, like the love of…

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