Country Music and Romance

MJ Fredrick

I’ve been listening to Jason Aldean a lot this month, because his new album came out, and I have been kinda stressing and it calms me down and I’ve found there are a lot of similarities between how his music makes me feel and how romance novels make me feel.

Two reasons:

They have the same appeal of small town romances, to me. The same mystique that city girls like me find in small town settings–parties by the river, listening to trains, dating a country boy. I love the song Hicktown, which talks about football games and nosy neighbors.

The other reason, a lot of his songs are like scenes from romance novels, walking by the riverside, hurrying home to see his girl sitting on the front porch wearing his shirt, holding his baby daughter.You gotta love hearing romance from a guy’s POV, you know?

This is my favorite song:

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