My NaNoWriMo 3

The Matticus Kingdom

It was good to be warm.  It was exceptionally good to be dry and warm.  It was great to be dry and warm and have all my rain gear dry and packed away; the trifecta.

The sun did its job.  I guess that, when unencumbered by storm clouds, it normally does.  Then again, sometimes it manages to do its job even if there are storm clouds trying to disrupt it.  The sun is just awesome like that.

Around noon I shed off my excess morning layers and found some food to squelch the rumblings in my stomach: crackers, canned ham, and dried apples.  Yum; not sarcastic, truly.  I know it doesn’t sound very appetizing but I do enjoy my backpacking lunches.  The only thing they are missing is some cheese, but there isn’t a really good way to keep cheese fresh for so long without access to refrigeration.  That is…

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