My NaNoWriMo 4

look forward to reading this everyday!

The Matticus Kingdom

Fish are okay.  They aren’t something I would ever order in a nice restaurant and I tend to avoid restaurants dedicated to them as much as possible.  I wouldn’t starve rather than eat one, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to seek them out.

Fish caught in the mountains, rubbed with lemon pepper and splashed with hot sauce, and then cooked in foil over the coals of a fire are delicious.  Maybe the fish just grow tastier in the mountains.  Maybe all fish are delicious and it’s just something about the seasoning I use in the mountains that I like.  Or maybe all fish taste bland and boring and it’s something about them being caught and cooked fresh in the mountains that brings out the good flavor.

All of that is just the build up to say that I caught a fish, cooked it, ate it, and it…

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