My NaNoWriMo 5

The Matticus Kingdom

I woke, much as I had the day before, to the wonderful silence of a morning without rain.  There was no pitter patter of small drops hitting the tent as they filtered through the canopy of trees overhead.  There was no smattering onslaught of giant drops slamming into the rain fly cascading down from the heavens at an angle.  There were no splashing plops as drops dove into giant standing pools of water as the mana from above fell too quickly for the ground to absorb it.

There was, however, sunlight streaming through the tall trees to caress my little camp in its warm embrace.  Wait a minute…

“Crap.  I overslept.”

I quickly removed myself from my sleeping bag and jammed it into its stuff sack.  Then I unscrewed the nozzle on my air mattress, rolled it up, and slid it into its case.  I threw on some close and…

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