Five Ways to Travel Light

I invested in packing cubes a few years ago (don’t remember the exact brand off-hand) and they are great space savers. Highly recommend everybody has them if they travel very much at all.


I’ve gone from jumbo suitcases to a backpack while on the road because I want to travel as carefree as possible. The less things I am responsible for while in a foreign country, the better. Reducing my travel load took changing my approach to how and what I pack. Here are the five ways I’ve learned to travel light:

  • When it comes to clothing and accessories, create a custom packing list. I’ve come across so many suggested packing lists online, some with 10 to 40 items on them that the authors think you might need on your trip. What I’ve learned is that the most effective packing list (for me) is the one that’s tailored to my upcoming destination. That means my list doesn’t change with each season; it changes with each new trip. For example, it’s a great idea to pack warm clothes for chilly Fall weather in…

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