Travel: Why I Made the Switch from Checked Luggage to Carry-on

I somehow missed this article yesterday. I haven’t made the switch from luggage to backpack yet but I definitely understand the reason people switch.


It was like night and day. By simply avoiding travel with a suitcase, I was able to experience what I call the “Fabulous F’s” – freedom, flexibility and forgoing forfeiting (extra) finances. HA! I decided last year that 2012 would be the year that I finally travel with just a carry-on, whether it was by backpack or otherwise.

In 2011, I made my first solo trip to the beautiful city of Victoria, BC (Canada) with a large, bright blue suitcase in tow. I needed help getting it on & off the airport shuttle to my hostel and help making it up three flights of stairs to my hostel room. Fun times. I felt like the only idiot there with luggage. Everyone seemed to have backpacks of varying sizes. It was then that I did an online search to find out why. I was new to travel, never read…

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