My NaNoWriMo 7

The Matticus Kingdom

Cheeky stars. 

 It was an uneventful night, I woke before the sun broached the eastern horizon, and was on the trail before it had climbed high enough in the sky to be visible.  I was still headed south.  Which, as we’ve already covered, means that I was meandering all over the place but headed, more or less, in a southerly direction?  Sort of.  Somewhat.  Close enough. 

 The Palisade Lakes on the John Muir Trail beckoned.  It wasn’t going to be the longest or toughest of days but hopefully I’d get to camp a bit earlier than I did the previous day and get to enjoy just being there: soak in the sights and sounds, let my muscles recover, and maybe have some time and energy left to go on a side hike or two. 

 If I could get around to exploring both of the lakes, that would be a good…

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