My NaNoWriMo 11

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The Matticus Kingdom

The rain let up after I’d been in the tent for about an hour.  It was still light enough outside that I decided to get out and walk around for a bit, stretch my legs, breathe in the clean mountain air, and make sure I had put away everything and secured my gear for the night.  Once I was certain that everything was good in camp I walked down to the nearby river to take a look at it.

 The roaring torrent was the antithesis of the calm and quiet late afternoon.  The water frothed, tumbled, and sprayed as it pounded against large boulders and dropped down the steep canyon.  Here and there small pockets of calm water pooled behind the largest of the rocks jutting out of the river.  Those would have been ideal fishing holes had the weather cooperated.  I was sad I had missed the opportunity to…

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