My NaNoWriMo 13

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The Matticus Kingdom

I woke to the cringe inducing sound of metal on metal as Frank and Jordan rose early to get started on their breakfast.  Apparently they ate something that required a little more work than my liquid meal.  The distinct sound of a pot being scraped with some sort of utensil split my head open a second time and I sat up in my sleeping bag.  I guess it was time to be awake.

Through the fabric of my tent I could see the light from their flashlights moving back and forth as they set about their task.  They did a good job of making sure the light didn’t scan directly on my tent, I was grateful for that, but I wished they had the same consideration for the noise they were making.  Then again, maybe it was just luck that they hadn’t shown their lights on my tent.

I yawned. …

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