Cookin’ For NaBloPoMo Day 14

NaBloPoMo November 2012

awesome industrial kitchen
awesome industrial kitchen (Photo credit: ooh_food)

The assigned prompt for today from BlogHer was to tell you guys about the best meal I have ever cooked. Well I actually love to cook. I have several “specials” and “secret recipes” that are all my own. I’m not sure which is the best of the bunch.

Let me think…

I love my cinnamon raisin apple pork chops but I can’t take credit for that recipe. It belongs to Tyler Florence. I do have a version of it that I make without the raisins or apples and it’s pretty good. Now Sol’s favorite was my chicken alfredo. I’m not sure which he liked more, the actual taste or the way I fixed it on the plate. (I’m as much about the presentation as I am about the preparation and follow through. I blame that particular trait on the weekend cooking classes at Le Cordon Bleu.) I bet if you asked my cousin April which of my recipes is her favorite she would probably say the crab salad. I got her addicted to it when she lived with me. Then again if you ask my friend Moe she would say my fried chicken, hands down. She always requested that when she would visit from Indiana. How can I not include my secret spaghetti sauce. Robin, Brandon, and Aaron always requested that by the gallon. But I can’t leave off my prime rib seasoned with margarita salt or the Greek style beef stew (so much better than even our traditional homemade American beef stew) either.

Oh crap. I haven’t even started on the desserts yet. Let’s see my cheesecake is always a big hit. I’m making two just for one Thanksgiving dinner because I know one will not be enough. Now my take on Christmas cake is “spoon licking” good according to my friend Bryant. (That’s a story for another day and Bry if your reading this you are never going to live that down but I’ll save you a slice of cake.) My mom’s favorite is my aptly named fort cake. It’s a three layer chocolate cake with fudge and pirouette cookies. I make a smaller second cake and stack it on top of the larger base cake. With both layers wrapped in pirouette cookies it looks like a fort, hence the name. My Australian pavlova is really good and I need to make it way more often that I do now. It’s less messy than my strawberry napolean but doesn’t hit the spot like my take on the traditional chocolate brownie.

How am I supposed to choose?


Maybe have my friends rate the recipes on a scale of 1 to 10. No, there’s not enough time to do that and still get this turned in today. Same goes for asking you guys which one sounds the best. Ugh I knew I should have written this earlier.

What can I do? How can I choose when there’s so many good choices?

Duh. I know which one is the best. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. Only one meal ever got me a marriage proposal. I was already married but apparently my fried catfish is just that good.

Hope I didn’t make you as hungry as I made myself while writing this. — Rita



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