NaBloPoMo Went to the Dogs

NaBloPoMo November 2012


I looked on the BlogHer website to find out what today’s prompt was and much to my surprise it said: Tell us about your favorite pet. That’s an easy one as long as I focus on the pets I have now. If I have to choose favorite of all time it would have been Grizzly, my giant red Chow-Chow that I obedience trained in Spanish, or Maverick, my blue-eyed Alaskan MalamuteSiberian Husky hybrid.  I loved those two dogs for completely different reasons and doubt I would ever be able to pick just one. But I don’t have to choose because I’m focusing on the dog I have now. Yeah I post pics of my feline roommates quite often but my American Boxer Murdock is definitely my baby. He’s a great dog and came into my household in a strange way. He actually belonged to an ex-boyfriend who had to give him up after taking a job as a long haul truck driver. When I got him all the hard work was already done for me because he was house broke, leash and crate trained. (How lucky am I on that one?) Yes, Murdock is a big hyper ball of energy and can totally break what was previously thought “indestructible”.  Yes, he is stout as an ox and drives my Mom crazy if she tries to walk him when I’m traveling. But no I won’t give him up.

Here’s another photo of the silly boy. (Before anybody says anything about how wrong it is to chain up a dog, let me say this: I have neighbors with kids and other pets. I live in the country but there are still roads and vehicles nearby including a busy rural highway. The chain in the image is from his lead chain which reaches across my entire back yard, probably around 35 feet long, with a 12 foot extension attached to him directly. That’s plenty of room for him to run and play. Furthermore, he doesn’t stay outside full-time.)




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