1,015 steps of Yamadera (Risshakuji Temple), Yamagata, Japan

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Not all great, treasured temples are situated in Kyoto.

The recovering tsunami/earthquake devastated Tohoku Region of Japan offers another reason why you should reconsider visiting the area, that is if you want to admire one of Japan’s ancient mountain temple (Yamadera, also known as “Risshakuji Temple”) and at the same time take a moment to reflect as you climb the temple 1,015 steps.

Arriving at Yamadera Station, on a sunny-less morning from Sendai via JR Senzan Line, I was looking forward on seeing the mountain temples as it mixed with the colorful autumn leaves. Hoping that the weather will be better later, I walked straight towards the location of the temple entrance with the help of the Buddhist monk-shaped information guides on the street.

Climbing the stone staircase of 1,015 steps with me are mostly elderly whom I admire dearly. With their walking sticks and digital camera hanging on their…

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