My NaNoWriMo 15

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The Matticus Kingdom

Chores kept me busy, and distracted, for awhile but as I ate my Cajun Style Chicken I had time to ponder my situation.

What did I know?

Not much.  That’s for sure.  But, to play the game, I knew that I was seeing something, without any consistency on timing, which was trending towards becoming more and more visible in each instance.  There was no accompanying noise.  There were no discernable tracks or other trace evidence of something physical passing through.  It was red, or at least had a large swatch of red on part of it.  It was about the size of a deer.  And?  I guess that’s it.  So, I needed to dive into each of those aspects and see if I could extrapolate something out of them.

Other than relative size and some coloring information, what else can I remember about its appearance?

I thought back on each…

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