My NaNoWriMo 16

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The Matticus Kingdom

Invigorated and feeling up to the challenge, I woke with the sun, ate my sparse breakfast and headed cross country northeast towards Mount Baxter.  I had a small day pack with me stuffed with my lunch, my Nalgene, and a water pump.  I didn’t want to be too weighed down but I didn’t want to run out of water and have no way of getting more.  I started the hike in a long sleeve shirt to combat the chill morning air, but I removed it quickly despite being in the shadow of the mountain for most of the morning.  The climb up to the top of Mount Baxter was about 2,000 feet in elevation gain from the lake and even though it wasn’t that steep to begin with, and I didn’t have the normal weight of my pack to contend with, it was still hard, hot, work.

A small breeze…

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