My NaNoWriMo 17

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The Matticus Kingdom

I woke to the sound of thunder…

It took a minute to realize that the ground hadn’t shaken as the reverberating cacophony rolled down the valley.  It took another minute to realize that it wasn’t raining.  It took a full minute longer to realize I could still see the stars shining through the black heavens. 

“What the heck?”

And then I remembered the dream. 

I had been hiking through the hail coming down from Muir Pass, the bits of ice glomming together at the edges of the trail, the electrical storm had been raging all around me, and while I had already dropped low enough in elevation that I wasn’t worried about getting hit directly the storm was directly above me; a direct hit on any of the nearby giants would have been a disaster.  The lightning flashes blinded me and the thunder deafened me.  I came to another stream…

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