My Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

NaBloPoMo November 2012


Green for me is everywhere and in everything. It’s mother nature, often wrapped in peace, quiet and a lil bit of luck, like a field of clovers (maybe that’s because I’m Irish by blood).

20121118-001924.jpg 20121118-002248.jpg

It’s the color of money, a few reptiles including these two from Atlanta reptile exhibits, and gives it’s tint to the waters of my favorite beach in the Bahamas.



It’s the color I see beneath my feet as I walk around Lake Ponchartrain and in my own backyard.


It’s the color I see most when looking down from the top of Stone Mountain.


It even makes me think of watching the old original Incredible Hulk on TV and him saying “you won’t like me when I’m green“.


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