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⋅ Victoria Elizabeth Barnes ⋅

This year I wanted to do less.

Less with my manic, glassy-eyed hauling of stored ornaments. Less of my frantic bow-making when I realize the ribbon I used last year is undeniably hideous. Less of asking myself, where did I put that twelfth box of holiday stuff. Less with the hanging and nailing and hauling ladders and asking Paul to quit performing cold fusion to come help me hang a wreath.

Less of looking at my absolute mountain of Christmas decorations and asking myself WHY I HAVE SO MUCH CRAP.

How to decorate your front porch for Christmas.  Victorian house decorating.  DIY.

Glass crap, garland crap, berry crap, ribbon crap, random sparkly crap, fake gold crap, fake silver crap, fake mini-tree crap, bow crap, boxwood crap, red crap, green crap…

Bells, glitter, holly, ornaments, wreaths… Miles and miles and miles of lights which are totally tangled up and not labeled with their length so that every year I am either short three…

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