My NaNoWriMo 19

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The Matticus Kingdom

We talked long into the night, again, until we both felt the compelling argument of the cold urging us towards the warmth our sleeping bags had up for offer.  Who were we to decline such enticing terms?  We couldn’t refuse such well constructed arguments and counter arguments. 

However, we didn’t talk long enough for me to desire sleep urgently upon entering my tent and so I stayed awake thinking back on the day’s events.  I started with George’s story about it feeling like the weather was pushing him south and my own feeling earlier that I had been meant to head to Rae Lakes too.  From there I worked backwards to how I had felt better and better as I made the trip towards Rae Lakes.  I traced that all the way back to my indecision at the top of Baxter Pass and the unexpected appearance of my unknown creature…

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