DP Weekly Writing Challenge – The Ice Breaker

A Word in Your Ear

Introductions take many shapes and forms.  The cheesy pickup line, the intricate cultural formalities of business meetings, meet and greets, speed dating and daily encounters of strangers in our personal lives are all examples of someone breaking the ice in an attempt to get to know another person/s.

Those of you who’ve attended meetings, courses, seminars, lectures, conferences and any other number of information sharing meetings will have come across the ice breaker.  A strategy designed to introduce a group of people to each other on their initial meeting.  The format could be a silly game, answering a question, matching photos of children to the delegates or a mixer which entails circulating the group and talking to each person for a couple of minutes.  The list is endless.  Most people dread them as they’re guaranteed to make one squirm with embarrassment, short-circuit the brain nodes thus creating a void empty of…

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