My NaNoWriMo 21

The Matticus Kingdom

“So, you’ve had your own scary encounters too?” Frank asked incredulously.  “And yours was mostly red, Anton?  And George’s was mostly yellow?  And the two we saw were mostly blue and white…”    

The poor man looked like he was about to faint.  He and his son had been turned around and guided to Rae Lakes just like George.  First the weather had gotten worse and stalled their forward progress, and then they had started seeing things watching them from a distance.  Frank had been hounded by a blue blur and Jordan had been hounded by a white blur.  Neither father nor son had seen much more than an indefinable shape crossing their paths or standing at the edge of their periphery.

The few cursory attempts they had made to track down the creatures were met with failure.  That wasn’t too surprising considering their attempts had amounted to shining their…

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