My NaNoWriMo 22

Playing catchup on your posts. Fell behind between the holiday weekend, getting sick and then a rushed week in the studio.

The Matticus Kingdom

Our group got moving fairly early, before the sun had completely pulled free from the eastern wall, and we made surprisingly good time on our descent away from Rae Lakes.  Throughout the day George and I, as the two most experienced hikers, switched off between leading and anchoring, while Frank and Jordan happily, mostly, trudged along between us. 

While occupying the anchor role, as we neared the junction where we would turn west to follow Woods Creek towards Paradise Valley, it dawned on me that we hadn’t met any other people on the trail that day.  In fact, we hadn’t seen any other backpackers camped at Rae Lakes any of the previous nights either.  I knew I had already realized that the only people I had seen in the backcountry since the day after coming over Muir Pass were George, Frank and Jordan, but the Rae Lakes loop is a…

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