My NaNoWriMo 23

The Matticus Kingdom

We packed up and hit the trail very early, and though the morning chill should have been on the bothersome side of things, the pace we set ensured we didn’t need to worry about it.  We were anxious to see where the path we were on was leading.

The trail dropped steadily, rocky at times, dry and dusty at others, and marshy and muddy the rest of the time, from Lower Paradise down to Mist Falls.  Frank and Jordan, who had never been to Mist Falls before stopped for a few minutes to enjoy the series of cascading waterfalls that sent spray sprawling across the landscape for hundreds of yards, covering everything and choking the air in tiny droplets of water.  George and I, who had both been to the falls countless times stopped too, to let them enjoy it and keep our group together, even though we were both…

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