My NaNoWriMo 24

The Matticus Kingdom

I backtracked down the trail, back into the swamp and marsh, and sat on a large rock off to the side.  I removed my pack and let it rest on the ground next to me.  When Frank and Jordan caught up to where I was I briefly tried to explain what I had learned but it was so unbelievable I knew they would have to come face to face with the reality of our situation on their own so I sent them up the trail.  George, close on their heels, stopped to make sure I was okay and I just nodded and told him I’d catch up.

The three men came back down the trail together.  Their shoulders were slumped and their steps were slow, deliberate, with their heels dragging along in the dusty trail and kicking up little clouds as each boot made contact with the earth.  Their faces…

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