December First

My day was a good one. Since I didn’t have any clients booked in the studio, I took the day off. Well off from photography atleast. Worked on a cancer fundraiser this morning by emailing and tweeting out autographed book requests from all my authors. Sent the same messages to my musically inclined friends, asking for autographed CDs, posters and instruments. Hit up my artsy-craftsy crew for whatever items they wanted to donate to the auction. That kept me busy til late afternoon.

I had planned on going to a community Christmas event tonight but between a surprise visit from my dad and my mom catching a stomach bug, I changed my mind. I decided comfy sweats, a salty snack, and a little TV therapy sounded much better.




Even added another GetGlue sticker to my collection in between unwrapping and unpacking more Christmas decor for the house.


Now I’m catching up on another CBS favorite of mine.


A quiet and relaxing night at home has become a regularity in my life instead of being the rarity it used to be. Gotta say I’m enjoying the heck outta it while I can. Before long it’ll be back to the daily grindstone through the week and back to the crazy traveling schedule every weekend.

How did you spend your Saturday?


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