Teaching others

Question (aka BlogHer prompt) of the day:

Do you enjoy teaching others? Talk about a time you taught someone how to do something.

I actually do enjoy teaching.

For three years I was a county-wide substitute teacher for K-12. I enjoyed the enthusiasm for learning that was so abundant in the little ones but liked being able to have an actual conversation like I could with the older kids.

The most memorable day I experienced as a sub came when I was cussed out in an AP Spanish class at one of the high schools. Apparently the young man didn’t think very far ahead before he said it or even consider that a substitute teacher for an advanced foreign language class might actually speak the language. Boy was he shocked when I replied in fluent Spanish that I knew exactly what he said and that since he felt so inclined to share it with the class, he could go share it with the principal next. You know I never had another hint of trouble from any of those students. 😚

I still teach but these days it’s limited to teaching photography. Sometimes it’s a friend or relative who bought a new camera he/she doesn’t know how to work. Sometimes it’s a student from one of the high schools who is job shadowing me for their senior project. I also offer hands-on training to my studio reps and everybody that is working or interning in the studio office.


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