Rough Night

This week has been a fairly easy one. I’ve edited a few books and wrote a lil on my own book. I’ve delivered last minute prints to clients, attended a board meeting, and worked on a couple fundraisers. I have visited with family and even took cupcakes to my uncle for his birthday.

But tonight I had somewhere special to be. My local funeral home (well the local one my family uses anyway) has a ceremony about this time every year for those that have passed since the last ceremony. They have been doing it for the last 19 years but the first time I went to it was in 2005. That was the year my husband was one of the lost.

This year I went for my grandfather, my uncle, my honorary godmother (and life-long neighbor), my great aunt, my third grade teacher, three former patients from my days as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) at a nursing home, a couple friends and a young girl who I once taught in Sunday school. It was a rough night filled with tears and bittersweet memories.


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