OUT OF RESPECT FOR THE FAMILIES IN NEWTOWN, I'LL BE GOING SOCIALLY SILENT THIS WEEKEND. HUG THOSE WHO MATTER MOST TO YOU FOR THE FUTURE IS SO UNCERTAIN. REPOSTING FROM @wearejuxt. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the parents, families, and community of Newtown, Connecticut today and for the coming months as they deal with the tragedy of today's shooting. Although this is not the first time violence has affected us, we want to take time to acknowledge that whenever something as tragic as Newtown or Columbine or Klakamas Aurora (insert many cities from around the world) happens, we should all take space in our own blessed lives to breathe. Take any and every chance to love those around you. Juxt will be silent through the weekend in honor of the families that are walking through this tragedy. We are sending and will continue to send prayers and meditations to the victims and survivors of violence in Newtown and around the world. #prayfornewtown #prayforthechildren

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Sorry for not blogging and posting very much this weekend but I just didn’t have the heart to do it after the Newton CT school shooting Friday. Like most of the world it has occupied my thoughts and prayers since the news broke. It hurts my heart to know such horror could befall 20 innocent young children and 6 heroic adults.

#remember#newton #prayfornewton

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It touches me as a former substitute teacher, as an aunt and godmother, as a human being.

I’m usually a supporter of the right to bear arms and do have a gun myself, purchased for my own self defense after being stalked, harassed, and burglarized multiple times, but it’s a damn shame when the wrong people get ahold of enough weaponry to cause this kind of tragedy.

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