All work and no play

The prompt for today from the BlogHer website:

Monday, December 17, 2012 Agree or disagree: All work and no play makes you a dull girl.

And honestly I have to agree wholeheartedly. I have pretty much pushed my social life front the front burner to the very back one over the last couple years. It was a combination of several things that pre-emptied the change with the biggest being a busy schedule.

Let me give you a little of the backstory so you can fully understand my definition of “busy”: A few years ago I was studying photography, freelancing as a newbie photojournalist for a magazine, working full-time as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) at a local senior living facility, working part-time as a substitute teacher and somehow was even elected as the local chapter President of a national non-profit. Let me not forget to mention that I was also dealing with my dad’s declining mental and physical health and helping take care of my grandpa.

Fast forward to after I got my degree in photography (already had a Bachelor’s in Business) and to after I signed on as a regular freelance photojournalist for a New York magazine: I decided to start doing portrait and wedding photography and renovated my house in order to have a small studio. I cut my hours at the nursing home, going from full-time to PRN only, so I could focus more on the photography and have more time to help with my grandfather. I was still working for the Board of Education as a substitute when they needed me and still running a non-profit. I was traveling a lot, including one particular little run in which I hit 9 states in less than 90 days. That little run included stopovers for everything under the sun, from a weeklong assignment in New Orleans covering the BP oil spill to a Mother-Daughter birthday weekend in Atlanta complete with a outdoor concert, from a destination wedding in Kansas to covering the horse races in Kentucky. I literally lived in a hotel room for close to 4 months while this and more was going on. It was a crazy few years that started with my parents divorce, ending with my dad having a quadruple bypass following another heart attack and admitting my grandfather to a elder care facility.

Present day: I’m still a photographer covering weddings and special events, and I still freelance for the NY magazine. My studio photography got a serious upgrade with a new location and whole new branding this year. I no longer work for the nursing home or the school board. I’m editing books instead, which is way more time consuming but the avid reader in me is loving it. I’m not President of that chapter anymore but I’m still a active member of it and have actually moved up to helping more on a state level now. I signed on as the Philanthropic Chair for another non-profit (McNairy County Emerge) to boot because the leader of it is one of my best friends and she asked for my help. Family health-wise, my dad got a pacemaker and sadly my grandpa passed away this summer.

All of these things combined to leave me very little time for frivolity or fun. I unfortunately didn’t have the spare time to hang out with my friends or any of the stuff that used to be the highlight of my week. I focused so hard on juggling all the work and volunteering balls that I admittedly dropped the fun with friends ball. But I have since realized the error of my ways and will not be continuing that into the new year. 2013 will be the year I get my fun back. 🙂

How about you? Does all work and no play make you a dull boy or girl?


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