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For me it was a transition between seasons. I’d been in the mountains all fall and now it was time for winter in the Everglades. After an 8.2 mile paddle along a skinny canal we set up camp on boards that rested on top of our canoes. All had gone well that first day, but at dusk the mosquitoes were out in force. We had camped on swamp cabbage, and as our crew mate Patsy remarked, two kinds of mosquitoes breed on these plants. We set up our Healy Hammocks, which is basically a private bug net a little larger than a bivvy bag.

About an hour after laying my head down to rest I had to pee. I thought I could edge half my body out of the bivvy bag, zip it around my legs and quickly pee and get back in.  On the first attempt I was swarmed…

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