Rantings of an Amateur Chef

Culture can be a finicky thing. This is never so true as when different cultures begin to develop their own style of cuisine. It is often easy to see those by country (Italian, Mexican) or region (Cajun, Tuscan) but culture can really go beyond geography. Excluding dietary groupings (low carb, paleo, vegan), it is often difficult to see the food culture. For instance, there is no universally recognized “hip-hop” style of cooking. No democrat skirt steak or republican mac and cheese.

When you get to religion, there are some that do have a culinary identity. The primary one of those is Judiasm. Don’t believe me? What is the culinary locus for a meal of Gefilte Fish, brisket and matzo ball soup?  If you are having a corned beef or pastrami sandwich from a deli, what kind of bread is it likely to be on? Jewish Rye. It is almost like…

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