She looked a little frightened as she scurried into the Y with her children. It seemed possible that she was foreign born; she didn’t have an “American” look. She was dressed poorly, and her hair was unstyled and in desperate need of a trimming. She was carrying a child who was clearly old enough to walk and was holding the hands of the other two so tightly that she nearly tripped over them with each step.  My first thought was, “Oh, poor thing, I’ll bet she’s abused.”

She sat quietly and did not speak to any of the other parents.  The two children that are not participating in swim lessons huddled close to her.

About fifteen minutes later a very confident and well groomed man in blue scrubs walked hurriedly through the door.  Hmmm…a doctor.  He strode over to the pool where he disrupted class.  The instructor looked at him…

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