I was taken captive as I entered the world and for 46 years I was kept as a prisoner of war.

I was denied food and water.  Sleep deprivation tactics were employed against me.  As a result, my physical condition deteriorated, but I was denied appropriate medical care.  Beatings came with great irregularity so that I was always on guard, always anticipating the next sudden attack.  All contact with the outside world was strictly monitored.  Foreign influences were disregarded as propaganda and not to be trusted.  I was given permission to wander the outer, dangerous parts of the city at night time for a short season.  It was during one of those “outings” that, under the cloak of darkness, I was brutally raped.

An arranged marriage to an ally of my captors was eventually allowed.  It gave me a sense that my captors were permitting me a taste of freedom and…

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