“There’s rats in the corn!” warned Mother Abigail in her raspy voice.

In Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ the rats in the corn signified the presence of the devil.

A couple of years ago we suddenly developed a rat problem in the chicken shed. I put out little green blocks of poison and, voila, no more rats in the chicken shed. They just seemed to disappear.  After R left I found them though.

The boys and I busily cleaned up the mess R left behind in the months following his departure. There were scrap piles of form boards and old, warped lumber across a linear acre. There was a storage area for straw that he’d thrown together using old pallets, a couple of old pieces of fiberglass roofing, some rotten plywood, and chicken wire. It was a beauty. We dismantled it, and burned it along with the warped, cement encrusted boards.

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