Travel: Japan: Tokyo and Kyoto

Developing City

The trip to see both Tokyo and Kyoto is a must-do for any traveller.

Yes, Japan is expensive. But it is well worth it – Tokyo alone is worth a visit and is just 3 or 4 hours from Shanghai. It’s a stunning city that offers unique emotions and experiences. The feeling of Tokyo is difficult to describe, because it is one of those cities which has a pulse and a personality all of its own.

The place

The expected cleanliness, organisation and real uniqueness are the basic platforms that have made so many travellers fall in love with the place.

I’ve used the word unique twice now – a word over-used because anything can be ‘unique’ in some way. Yet for the well-travelled, this is true in Tokyo.

It’s easy to travel anywhere nowadays and be faced with the same chain brands, restaurants, city styles, traffic and skyscrapers and…

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