Jana Snyder

non-profit website

Smashing Magazine recently posted a useful article titled, “Non Profit Website Design: Examples and Best Practices” which contains a lot of great info. I’ve done quite a few websites for non profits, and I would quibble slightly with their order of importance for these best practices.

I would also add up front: Make Your Site User Friendly and Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly. But these should just go without saying for any and every website. Integrated With Social Media is also important for most non profits, to varying degrees.

What follows is my edit of the original article: most of the material is theirs (mine is added in [square brackets]), and their ranking order is in (parentheses).

1. (7.) Know Your Site’s Purpose Up Front

The leaders of your organization (or whoever is in charge of the organization’s website) should make a list of what the goals for the site…

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