National Volunteer Week

“National Volunteer Week, April 21-27, 2013 is about inspiring, recognizing and encouraging people to seek out imaginative ways to engage in their communities. It’s about demonstrating to the nation that by working together, we have the fortitude to meet our challenges and accomplish our goals.”

“National Volunteer Week is about taking action and encouraging individuals and their respective communities to be at the center of social change—discovering and actively demonstrating their collective power to foster positive transformation.”

Sponsored by Points of Light—National Volunteer Week was established in 1974 and has grown exponentially each subsequent year, with literally thousands of volunteer projects and special events scheduled throughout the week. With the fourth year anniversary of the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, the creation of the Volunteer Generation Fund and the resonant call to serve from the President, this year will be even more energizing and inspiring. For more information regarding National Volunteer Week activities, please visit: _____________________________________________________________

I, personally have been a volunteer since I was very young and am always looking for new ways to help out. Currently I am the Philanthropic Chair of a local non-profit, Emerge of McNairy County, and the Social Media and Public Relations Chair for my local Relay For Life committee. Every day this week I’m going to be sharing videos, images, and advice on volunteering, both in your own community and on a grand scale so stay tuned through-out Saturday for my words of wisdom. But before I go today, I have the following three tips and tricks for you readers that are looking for ways to get involved: If you are worried about, or just using the excuse of, not having enough time to volunteer, check out this Volunteering 20 Minutes At A Time article about micro-volunteering. If you are a parent looking for ways to get your children involved in volunteering, you should check out this 10 Kid-Friendly Volunteer Service Projects article. Biggest tip of all: Find something you care about and do your research on ways to make a difference. If you can’t find a topic that you are just that passionate about let me know and I’ll try to help you find a cause that is worthy of your time and effort.



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