SPW Interview: Christian Shane

A few weeks ago, I blogged out a gallery of images I captured during a local wrestling match. The article, which you can see here, was well received by the public and by you my readers, so I’m going to be adding a few one on one interviews with those same wrestlers in the coming weeks. The interviews will tie-in with their current show schedule, will feature more than just their wrestling stats, may be accompanied by photos and/or video footage and will be conducted by a different guest each week.


First installment:

Christian Shane as interviewed by the SPW Spokesman earlier this week


Southern Premier Wrestling is filled with interesting characters, in and out of the ring. This week, we’re looking to get closer to Christian Shane, and get a better understanding of what he uses to unwind outside of the ring as well as some various aspects of his career inside the ring.

NW: Christian, what are your immediate goals in SPW and in wrestling in general?

CS: Immediate? I’d say that’s pretty cut and dry. It’s to beat Andrew. Again. Long term? To get to the top. To win the Southern Heavyweight Championship. Isn’t that everyone’s goal?

NW: What are three strange or random things in your gear bags?

CS: A pair of ear plugs, a bottle of Lysol, and some zip ties.

NW: Can you explain why those things are there?

CS: The ear plugs were left in there from when I changed at a show and had them in my pants pocket. I just forgot to remove them. The Lysol is there because…well, there are some dirty wrestlers out there and it’s a disinfectant. The zip ties are there because honestly, you never know when you’ll need a zip tie.

NW: Did you play any sports growing up?

CS: Not really. I played basketball for one year in like 7th Grade or something like that, but that was about it. I’ve always been very focused on wrestling, so I don’t even watch many sports on television.

NW: If you had to say you were a combination of any two (or three) fictional characters, which would you choose?

CS: Umm, good question. Maybe Blue Beetle (the Ted Kord version) and Peter Parker? Just without the supersmarts and superpowers, of course. They’re both fairly clumsy and dorky.

NW: You wouldn’t appreciate though, the comparison of your technical proficiency and high-flying nimbleness to Parker’s alter-ego?

CS: If someone else made it, then yeah!

NW: What are your favorite movies? Genres and specific titles?

CS: I like pretty much any superhero film, with the exception of Elektra. I like a lot of Stephen King movies, but to be honest, I’m more of a television junkie. I have more DVD’s of Television Series than anything else.

NW: On that note, then, let’s talk television. What are some of your favorite series?

CS: I like a lot of stuff. I own both the entire Buffy and Angel series, as well as the entire original run of the Twilight Zone. I’m collecting the Alfred Hitchcock hour series. I’ve got most of White Collar, House, M.D., Boardwalk Empire, Deadwood, and some silly stuff like Robot Chicken and Squidbillies. I have some different anime like Ghost in the Shell and I’m checking out One Piece. I’ve got the entire Justice League series and the entire Batman Beyond series. I don’t know, I have a random taste for TV, haha.

NW: I can gather that you’re a big comic book fan. What are some of your favorite titles, and can you compare any stories past or present to your current rivalry with Andrew Palmer?

CS: As far as currently published books, I’m big on all three Green Lantern titles, the Flash, Earth 2 has been very good. World’s Finest with Power Girl and Huntress, a couple from Marvel like All-New X-Men, Hawkeye has been great, and the Daredevil: End of Days limited series is good. Also, I’ve got a soft spot for the Courtney Crumrin ongoing series. As far as the rivalry, I’m not really sure. I remember a good section of a book where Kyle Rayner and Sinestro both took off their power rings and has a straight up fist fight. No rules, no rings, just a fight. I’d like to draw a comparison here, except for the end…Sinestro won that one…and Andrew won’t win.

NW: What is the strangest or most unique item in your home?

CS: Maybe it’s some of the props I’ve made for when my friends and I dabbled in cosplay? There’s probably better stuff somewhere, but that’s the best answer I can confirm, haha.

NW: Who would you call dream opponents?

CS: I think overall it would be Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels. The Undertaker is up there near the top, too.

NW: Any opponents locally or near-locally that you’ve wanted to face?

CS: I’m not sure, really. I’ve been able to compete against a lot of really good wrestlers from around this area already, but there’s always another fight, another obstacle to overcome.

NW: Well, Christian, we appreciate your time. Finally, though, do you have any messages for your fans, or for Andrew Palmer?

CS: One week down, one week left, Andrew. Be ready.


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