The Creamers’ — A Wedding

The Creamers' -- A Wedding

From top left: (1) Oh my word can this little gal sing! During the reception she sang around 5-7 songs along-side the karaoke machine but she was doing all the work, not that machine. Future star in the making right there! (2) The bride Danielle and her mom Deborah. A touching moment at any wedding is always the mother of the bride helping her “little girl” into her “big girl” dress and that was definitely true in this case since the bride was saying “I do” for two. (3) A bridesmaid got caught making a funny face but I had to share it because it is just too cute! (4) A couple dancing at the reception. (5) The cake was very pretty on its own but I had to have at least one copy of the image with my special cake filter (aka my super secret recipe of multiple layers of different toners) on it. (6) Ahh, the girls. These gals were game for a little bit of silly foolishness for the last formal shot and I just loved this image in a tinted black and white.


2 thoughts on “The Creamers’ — A Wedding

    1. You are very welcome girl. I’m still sorry that it took so long to get the gallery finished. I was trying to remove all the stuff that was growing out of peoples heads. A garage is not the best place for taking photos lol

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